Toddlers (Over 15 months)


Around the age of one, or when children start walking, they join us in the toddler program. Here we work towards building a routine and helping them become more confident, independent, self-regulated, and self-disciplined. Toddlers are served two zabiha halal meals and two snacks a day, have rest time, and participate in both teacher-led and self-discovery activities.

We implement the Frog Street Toddler Curriculum, designed around the latest early brain development research. Daily activities work on: ​

Language Development

Physical Development

Cognitive Development

Social Emotional Development

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Islamic Curriculum

Little Muslims strives to build a strong Islamic foundation for our littles. Through songs, stories, and play, we teach concepts and practices including:

Belief in Allah and the final Messenger (s)

The names and attributes of Allah



Sunnahs (duas and manners)

Arabic alphabet and numbers


Islamic Holidays (Ramadan, Eid)

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