Daily Schedule

Toddler Schedule

7:00am - Breakfast and Freeplay

Children have a breakfast that encourages healthy eating and independence. They then choose work or a toy that interests them.

8:00am - Fine Motor Play

Activities that encourage the development of fine motor skills including stacking, building, stuffing, threading, cutting and pasting, working zippers, buttoning and unbuttoning, puzzles, drawing and coloring

8:30am - Circle Time

Morning greeting, songs, stories, vocabulary development

9:00am - Snack

Children have a snack that encourages healthy eating and independence.

9:30am - Indoor Gross Motor Play

Children develop gross motor skills and social skills by participating in activities including climbing, sliding, tunnel play, rocking, chasing balls, dancing, pretend play

10:00am - Islamic Circle Time

Arabic letters and numbers, songs, stories, surahs, duas, salaah practice

10:30am - Outdoor Play

Weather permitting, children visit the playground for gross motor play. Alternative indoor activities to be substituted in case of rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.

11:30am - Lunch

Children eat a healthy lunch in a group setting, encouraging independence and social skills.

12:00pm - Nap

Children rest in a calm, peaceful setting

​(AM children prepare for dismissal. PM children are greeted and have a snack followed by participation in a fine motor activity)

2:30pm - Sensory Play

Children explore their senses by engaging with sensory bins, water play, sand play, slime, playdough, water beads, shaving cream, sensory goop, and finger paint. Every week they also participate in sensory food exploration which encourages them to become comfortable with new foods.

3:00pm - Storytime and Snack

Children have a snack that encourages healthy eating and independence. They then listen to and read books.

3:30pm - Outdoor Walk

Weather permitting, children go for an outdoor walk or stroll.

4:00pm - Art

Children explore different mediums including markers, crayons, color pencils, paint, stamps, and sponges

4:30pm - Music and Movement

Curriculum themed sing along song

5:00pm - Freeplay

Children choose a toy or work that interests them and prepare for dismissal.

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