COVID-19 Safety & Precautions

We take your child’s health seriously! Here’s what we’re doing to minimize risk of transmission of COVID19 and to ensure the safety of all our children and staff.

  • Upon arrival, EVERYONE undergoes a daily health check. The health check includes a temperature check with a contactless thermometer, asking parents for signs of illness, and visual inspection of illness. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees in Fahrenheit or higher is turned away and encouraged to see a health care provider for examination. Temperature checks are documented. 
  • Everyone must wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and before every new activity. 
  • All staff members are required to be fully vaccinated including receiving the COVID vaccine. 
  • Entrance to the facility is currently limited to only those who are essential. Visitors are not permitted into classrooms at this time.
  • Upon arrival, parents will text the center and a teacher will come to the vehicle to conduct a health check and escort the child inside. Upon departure, parents will again text the center and children will be brought outside. 
  • Arrival and drop off times are staggered as much as possible.
  • All surfaces are sanitized after EVERY use. This includes every toy, book, table, chair, changing table, etc. All high touch surfaces including doorknobs, toilet flush handles, and sink handles are cleaned every two hours. Soft and plush toys are currently not permitted. In addition, a thorough cleaning is conducted every morning, midday, and after closing. We exclusively use CleanSmart cleaning solutions that kill 99.9% of viruses and are safe to use around children. 
  • If there any known positive COVID-19 cases among staff or children, all parents and staff will be notified immediately.
  • Staff members are required to wear facemasks and/or shields at all times. Children over the age of two who are able to tolerate a face covering are also required to wear masks, except for while eating or drinking or while outside and socially distant.
  • Children are kept in the same group with the same teachers throughout the entirety of each day including during meal, snack, play, and rest. Groups are not combined at any time.
  • Cribs and cots are separated by either 6 feet or with non-permeable barriers while napping.